Monday, August 3, 2015

Samsung Philippines Drops Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Prices

Due to poor sales expectations, Samsung announced to drop Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge prices to boost its sales, Samsung Philippines flagship stores follows the same move as it fixed their suggested retail price to 17%.
Samsung Flagship store in the Philippines decided to drop Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge prices
image via CNET
According to, the price drops will be significant and almost the same as the global prices.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Old Price: Php35,990 (32GB)
New Price: Php29,990 (17% drop)

Old Price: Php41,990 (64GB)
New Price: Php34,990 (17% drop)

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Old Price: Php41,990 (32GB)
New Price: Php34,990 (17% drop)

Old Price: Php47,990 (64GB)
New Price: Php39,990 (17% drop)

{Source: Yugatech}


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